Residential Services


Residental Rip Up | Services Very often before a new floor can be installed the existing floor needs to be taken up. There may even be several floors on top of each other that may need to be taken up. We can evaluate your floor and determine if the existing floor can remain down or needs to be taken up. If the existing floor must be taken up, we can remove this for you. If the existing floor must be taken up, floor Preparation may be required.


Residental Preparaton | Services Prior to the installation of a new floor such as sheet vinyl or VCT the existing floor must be perfectly smooth. If there are imperfections in the ‘subfloor’ they will show through the new flooring. Also, if a rip up was required preparation is often needed to patch the ‘subfloor’. We can take care of all of the prep work should it be required so your new floor can be properly installed.


Residental Installation We professionally install Carpet, VCT and Commercial Tile, Stone, Wood and Wood Laminate, sheet vinyl and linoleum, rubber and rubber tiles including stair treads.


res_repair1 Often an existing floor may only need a repair. Rather than replacing the entire floor, we can often repair an existing floor to save you the cost of an entirely new floor.